Who We Are


Honey Dental is a private family dental practice providing all forms of dentistry. We invite you to experience exceptional modern dental care in a friendly and relaxing environment. Your smile, confidence, and personal goals are all important aspects of your dental care in addition to controlling infection, restoring maximum chewing function, and preventative oral care. As you come into the exam room it will be equipped with entertainment, shaded eye protection from exam light and water sprays, screen available to demonstrate intra-oral images to help you understand your oral health, and massage mode on the dental chair.

At Honey Dental, we believe that everyone deserves Comfort, Confidence and Happiness. Our belief drives us with inspiration and motivation to work hard for you. Our role in helping you achieve your optimum oral health is our way of enhancing your life! Everything we do reflects our goal of maximizing comfort, confidence and happiness for both patients and team members. Honey Dental incorporates evolving new gadgets in dentistry, positive attitude, fun atmosphere, and plenty of educational opportunities that can create a better experience for everyone. We love the impact a healthy mouth can have on systemic health, mental health and positive experiences in relationships, work and play.

Honey Dental will provide a respite from the grind of daily life as you come to feel pampered with our cheerful, patient focused service and state-of-the-art-technology. Our primary focus is to provide excellent clinical care that makes you feel that you are valued like family. We are committed to your safety, health, comfort and happiness! We hope to raise your expectations of a dental appointment and look forward to your appointment with us! We welcome you to be a guest in our Honey Dental home! We express our passion and energy through our work and ultimately who we are as people. We strive towards FLOW!

Honey Dental Core Values:

  • Deliver WOW experience for every patient

  • Listen, do not assume

  • Be humble, respectful and grateful

  • Be open to creativity, new ideas and change

  • Build trusting and caring relationships

  • Create a fun environment

  • Do more with less

  • Serve our community with passion, confidence, and pride

  • Embrace a positive team and family spirit

  • Use open and honest communication