Honey Dental offers classes to the general public on select Saturdays. TBA.

Current offered classes:

*Posture and Spine Essentials

*Laughter Yoga

If you are interested in any of these courses, send us a message! Thank you !

If you have a skill you would like to teach the public, please let us know! We prefer to offer classes that involve providing better mental and physical health. Categories of interest include but not limited to:

*Workout tips

If your class is approved for offering. You may use the Honey Dental waiting room to offer your class on a case by case basis. You must provide everything you will need for your class and clean up after. Thank you!

Honey Dental reserves the right to decide if, when, and how we will allow you to use our facility for your class each time. A member of the Honey Dental team must be present during the entire time you are using our facility.

The maximum that you may charge per adult (18yr and older) for one class = $15.
The maximum you may charge per child (17yr and younger) for one class = $10.
The maximum you may charge a couple attending together (married or dating) for one class = $20.

If you are a representative for a company that sells products or services. You may join other vendors during other social opportunities at Honey Dental. We do host vendor nights for the public to come and see your products/services. However, this specific opportunity is reserved for knowledge and skill based classes, not for the sale and distribution of products/services. The goal is for the betterment of the community in sharing and learning new skills and knowledge in an affordable environment.

Thank you for your interest!