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Dental Charity Event

For all questions regarding the event, please direct them to

Annual Dentistry from the Heart Event!

This year Honey Dental teaming up with the non-profit organization Dentistry from the Heart to bring the community a day of COMPLETELY FREE DENTISTRY!

Free dental charity day for adults this Christmas season!

No pre-registration available. Adults 18yr+ only event. Children are not permitted at this event, you will be asked to leave and find care for them before you may participate in the event. You cannot keep your place in line if you have to leave to find care for your children.

People will start standing in line as early as they can. The numbers are handed out around 7:30am. It is a free event, you don’t need dental insurance or any payment but you do need a State issued photo ID to verify your identity.

First come first served. Everyone will be assigned a number according to their place in line. Once you have been assigned a number and paperwork complete, you may leave and come back around the time your number is served. If you miss your number while you are gone, you will be reassigned a different number. Most people stay close and check on the status of their numbers frequently. You will also receive a text close to the time your number is up to help you avoid missing your place in line.

Limit one free dental service per person.

Bathroom available only for patients admitted inside at the time of service, otherwise you will have to use nearby bathrooms in neighboring businesses such as restaurants and stores.

Recommend you bring your own lawn chairs to wait in line outside. Local police will help direct the line formation outside.

This is a media covered event, there may be a chance you may end up filmed or interviewed on TV, you will have to sign a media release in order to participate.

No extractions offered at this event. No pain medications will be prescribed at this event.

Covered services include cleaning, whitening, filling, dental exam, and oral cancer screening. This event is limited in scope and based on your medical condition.

Everyone will get a number when they will begin. Everyone will get an X-ray and a basic exam. The doctors will determine what services you are eligible for based on your dental and medical history that is practical within the scope of the event. You are limited to one service.

This charity event is meant to help people who cannot afford dentistry a basic care service but it is not meant to offer full dental service. In consideration for other people that need care that day, the national event operates on basic rules that help to make it fair for everyone in need. Some patients at the end of the line may not receive any treatment if time runs out that day so we try to make the day as efficient as possible for everyone to have an opportunity to receive care. There are also community based clinics and Dental school clinics that can help with more services that you may need.

Here are some more FAQs.

Here’s a youtube video to help you see a little history about this national effort by private dental practices to help the community once a year.

Any questions can be directed to

11350 US HWY 380 Suite 140, Crossroads, TX 76227

December 2nd, 2017 8am-4:30pm

Hope to see you then! Happy holidays!

Thank you to all our Volunteers in 2017!

dr_greenDr. Green and his Assistant Lilia Ortiz from Associates and in Periodontics, Implantology, and Endodontics.

Kathy Schlund from The Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Other Volunteers:
Melissa Hunter, Aleida Jimenez, Devan Thompson, Steve Fredrickson, Paula Fredrickson, Linda Smith, Janet Hunt, Jennifer Fung, Judy Thompson, Terilee Bennion, Chris Willis, Chad Nielsen, and Evelyn Nielsen.


If you are interested in sponsoring the event, or would like to help out, let us know by calling us at 940-228-2250.

Thank you to all our Sponsors in 2017!

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